Friday 11 October 2013

Join Up, Join Up, Join Up

State by State-
an ongoing challenge
Use the Mr Linky below to join the State by State Reading Challenge for 2014.

In fact, if you don't want to wait until 2014 and want to get a start  now, go right ahead.

You can also regard it as an ongoing challenge to be completed when and if you can.

Write a post on your own blog about joining the challenge and link it to this blog.
Feel free to use the logo to the right in your post.
Then introduce yourself in the comments on this post.

When you have read and written a blog post about your first book, come back here, and look for the name of the state in the right hand bar. Click on that link, follow the instructions on that page.

If you want to add a map on your blog then check the tool at World66.

51 States Too Many? What about a mini challenge?

If you find the idea of tackling all 51 states (including DC) a bit too much, perhaps you'd like to try a regional mini challenge. Have a look at the lists below and let us know what you think. Perhaps you have some other suggestions that could be listed here.

Here are some suggestions. - you can choose the genre and decide whether the connection to the state is the setting or the author (or any variant of that). (Thanks to Rebecca- Ms. Wordopolis Reads for help with these lists.)


1. Maine, 2. New Hampshire, 3. Vermont, 4. Massachusetts, 5. Rhode Island, 6. Connecticut, 7. New York, 8. Pennsylvania, 9. New Jersey

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1. Wisconsin, 2. Michigan, 3. Illinois, 4. Indiana, 5. Ohio, 6. Missouri, 7. North Dakota, 8. South Dakota, 9. Nebraska, 10. Kansas, 11. Minnesota, 12. Iowa

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South Atlantic

1. Delaware, 2. Maryland, 3. District of Columbia, 4. Virginia, 5. West Virginia, 6. North Carolina, 7. South Carolina, 8. Georgia, 9. Florida

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1. Kentucky, 2. Tennessee, 3. Mississippi, 4. Alabama, 5. Oklahoma, 6. Texas, 7. Arkansas, 8. Louisiana

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1. Idaho, 2. Montana, 3. Wyoming, 4. Nevada, 5. Utah, 6. Colorado, 7. Arizona, 8. New Mexico

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1. Alaska, 2. Washington, 3. Oregon, 4. California, 5. Hawaii

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